Who is MTE

Maritime Training Enterprise (MTE / MikeTangoEcho), is all about Maritime Skills Development and was established out of a passion of seeing lives transformed through quality training, human capital development, and the acquisition of a broader range of skills that prepare graduates for gainful employment in the Maritime Industry and beyond – thus the driving force behind establishing thís ‘Enterprise’…


Enterprise (ˈɛntəˌpraɪz)


  1. a project or undertaking, esp. one that requires boldness or effort
  2. participation in such projects
  3. readiness to embark on new ventures; boldness and energy


Maritime Skills Development

It is of paramount importance that specialist maritime skill-sets are continually developed in order to be Industry Leaders and offer competitive and cost-effective solutions to Ship-owners locally and Internationally.

Why MTE was Established

Operation Phakisa and other similar local content initiatives are placing huge emphasis on skills development and to creating an alternate supply of Seafarers in Africa.

Our Maritime Training initiatives cover a broad range of specialist skills ensuring the continuous development and supply of professional seafarers. This forms the cornerstone of our crew manning agent service, positioning us to provide sustainable employment opportunities.

MTE came about to provide necessary services in-line with Operation Phakisa

Benefits of Employing South African Seafarers:

  • Certification by an IMO White-Listed Authority

  • English Language Proficiency

  • Convenient Time-Zone (UTC 2) for Coordination and Travel

  • Strong Work-Ethic

  • Favourable Exchange Rate for Investors and Ship-Owners

Sailor at the Helm navigating using the Southern Cross

How We Ensure The Highest Standards

MTE aims to offer a turnkey solution.  Through partnering with our network of Industry Specialists, we ensure our services are of the highest quality and offer gainful employment opportunities to seafarers throughout Africa, the Indian Ocean Islands and further afield – benefits of our services extend directly to Employers, Sponsors and Investors.

Through our expertise within the Maritime Industry, and our combined background in Quality Assurance, Psychology, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, we are able to tailor-make any of our programmes to suit our local and International Clients’ needs.

Compliance to International Best-Practice and Industry-specific Regulations, as relating to Maritime Education & Training, as well as Seafarer Recruitment and Placement under the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC 2006) serves as the keel for this vessel!