Crew Manning and Related Maritime Services

MTE focuses on assessing and addressing the critical skills gap of existing seafarers as well as training scarce skills through our maritime training enterprises in order to offer suitably qualified seafarers, and an effective seafarer recruitment and crew supply service to our clients.

We offer a wide range of crewing and maritime training solutions, as well as various support services to our clients.

Seafarer Recruitment & Placement Services

MTE in its support of the South African National Cadet Programme (NCP) Stakeholders and Partners, offer marine crewing services to local and International Shipowners and Managers.

We are in partnership with Protea Maritime Connection and are thus able to offer qualified seafarers to the wider world fleet as a complete package, following on from the successes of our NCP Industry Partners

Benefits of employing South African Seafarers:

  • Certification by an IMO White-Listed Authority
  • English Language proficiency
  • Convenient time-zone (UTC 2) for coordination and travel
  • Strong work-ethic
  • Favourable exchange rate for investors and ship-owners

MTE offers amongst others the following Manning Agent services in compliance to the STCW Convention, including Manila amendments as well as the Maritime Labour Convention –

  • Screening & Reference Check against Client-specific criteria
  • Interview and Selection against Client-specific criteria
  • Coordination of safety and ancillary courses
  • Coordination of medical examinations
  • Coordination of Flagstate applications, endorsements etc.
  • LOI / Visa Applications
  • Mobilisation and Logistical arrangements
  • Payroll services
  • Performance monitoring and succession planning for promotions
  • Disciplinary Procedures

Training Programme & Performance Management

MTE aims to offer a turnkey solution to our International Clients, we therefore manage the entire training programme at sea and ashore on behalf of our Clients. This includes the scope of training management services mentioned below, or any combination of these arrangements:

  • Interview and Recruitment
  • Placement Management
  • Letter Of Invitation / Visa Applications
  • Tuition / University application and registration
  • Booking of safety, simulation training and any other agreed upon courses
  • Accommodation
  • Transport
  • Medical Aid and Personal Accident cover
  • Payments of stipends/salaries to Trainees
  • Payments to any 3rd party Service Provider – tuition, accommodation, textbooks and materials etc.
  • Performance management – during academic training phases as well as onboard/practical training phases
  • Statutory/Flagstate applications

We furthermore ensure the individual well-being, and development of each trainee whilst under our management. The following Training Programmes are currently included:

  • Officer cadets
  • Rating trainees
  • Coastal qualifications
  • Apprentice training

Career Guidance & Specialised Training

MTE is able to offer these services as part of, or separate from, the full-term Training Programme Management Services.

  • Maritime Career Guidance and Mindmill Psychometric Assessment Tools:

Mindmill is a fully online assessment system, which helps to define and measure natural aptitudes, ability, interests and motivation in individuals.

Mindmill aim to help young people and adults become aware of their personal skills, qualities, aptitudes and interests in order to make the most of their life choices and follow a career path which best suits them.

Mindmill online psychometric assessments are a powerful tool that helps organisations make more objective and informed decisions in the recruitment, selection, training and development process.

  • 1-on-1 Neuro-Linguistic Programming sessions offer insight and learning opportunities to understand and address, amongst others, the following processes –

    • Goal-setting
    • Effective Communication
    • Setting Empowering Beliefs
    • Building Rapport
    • Negotiation skills
    • Anchoring
    • Strategies
      • Meeting conduct
      • Learning
  • Coordination and facilitation of various specialised courses as per individual Client requirements.These may include, among others:

    • Dynamic Positioning Simulation Training
    • IBIA Bunker Training Courses
    • English Language Proficiency (IELTS / TOEFL / Maritime specific)
    • STCW / Non-STCW Safety and Ancillary courses

We are continually adding additional courses to our repertoire; please contact us should you have a specific need not mentioned above!

Gap Analysis, Compliance & Consultancy Services

Realising the need and importance of having appropriate processes in place to mitigate risk, comply to International Legislation, and ensure client satisfaction through quality control, we are offering this service to address the following key focus areas –

  • GAP Analysis & SAMSA Accelerated Training Programmes
  • GAP Analysis & Seafarer Recruitment and Placement
  • GAP Analysis & MLC accreditation
  • GAP Analysis & Quality Management System implementation
  • Workplace Skills Plan and Annual Training Reports
  • 3rd Party Interview and selection (Trainees)
  • 3rd Party Audits (Internal/External)

MTE can offer the above services to 3rd parties as an ‘Internal Auditor’ in preparation for Statutory Audits; i.e. Surveillance or Verification by Auditing Bodies, or Clients.

  • We also conduct interviews and complete the selection process on behalf of our Clients and Sponsors, using our combined experience in this domain together with various recruitment tools to ensure the ‘right man for the job’ – linking up the correct skills set, or development potential, to that required by our Clients, Sponsors, and future Employers.This increases the success rate and minimises the dropout rate of trainees in the various programmes. This service is available to the following fields:
  • Merchant Navy (Foreign-going and Near-coastal)
  • Artisans

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