Having the passion, desire, and determination is really a good start!

Having training, experience, and an existing ‘presence’ in the Industry helps….

Having family, friends and colleagues that believe in you, motivate & support, and feed you is a must!

Step 1:
Get the idea to start a Company

Step 2:
Tell close friends and family about your idea and judge their response

Step 3:
Decide to start a company in anyway!

Step 4:
Resign from your existing company and figure out how to register a company

Step 5:
….still trying to register a company, so rather pay an expert to register the company!

Step 6:
Company registered! Celebrate

Step 7:

  • Decide to register a domain name, because working from ‘Gmail’ makes you look and feel like a fly-by-night…
  • Find a Website Developer
  • Have a colleague offer to design a logo for a stamp

Step 8:

  • Oh dear! “MTE” .co.za, .com, .net, .org, .dot is all already taken!
  • Have the colleague change the logo

Step 9:

  • Oh dear! Any other relevant domain name is also already taken!….and www.maritimetrainingenterprise.co.za – that is available but simply too looooooooooooooong to spell over the phone…
  • Have the colleague change the logo again

Step 10:


Step 11:


…before this revelation, there was the suggestion from a dear colleague to register the company as Yvette’s Maritime Crewing Agency aka ‘YMCA

A novel idea I admit –
but not quite sure that was the brand I wanted to establish, or clientele to attract!

Step 12:

  • So here we are, Maritime Training Enterprise with the registered domain as MikeTangoEcho and that sorts out the company colourscheme as well!
  • ….so have the colleague change the logo againto add red
  • Decide on a website theme

Step 13:

  • Start marketing MTE’s services
  • Work behind the scenes to develop and implement a quality management system
  • Colleague presents MTE’s Founder with a stamp! Celebrate!

Maritime Training Enterprise (MTE) Company Stamp

Step 14:

  • Work behind the scenes to obtain the necessary to apply for MLC Seafarer Recruitment and Placement Licence
  • Decide to completely change the website theme….and lose the red
  • Colleague still talking to me. Celebrate!

Step 15:

  • Change logo AGAIN into a more user-friendly, suitable format for website and printing of marketing material in future…
  • Same website developer still on board. Celebrate!

Step 16:

  • Change logo slightly

Step 17:

  • Change logo again slightly

Step 18:

  • Change logo back to previous slightly changed version…
  • Family member still talking to me. Celebrate!

MikeTangoEcho (MTE) or Maritime Training Enterprise (Pty) Ltd.

Step 19:

Exciting news on the progress of future business expansion opportunity!

Step 20:

  • Research the art of Blogging
  • Working on a business plan for the business expansion opportunity
  • ….perhaps more blogging research and practice required!

After these 20 steps, the one most crucial element I have learnt to ensure success-

– Praying and believing along the way for a miracle is ‘priceless’ –

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